Mitten Extracts Near Me: The Top 6 Infused Pre-Roll Strains to Try

mitten extracts near me

At BREEZE, we love our homegrown, Michigan based companies, and Mitten Extracts is, of course, one of our favorites. 

Recently, the brand began expanding their product collection from vape carts to Mitten Extracts disposables, Mitten Extracts gummies, and now, infused pre-rolls, and infused pre-roll mini 5 packs! 

Mini or regular sized, the pre-rolls are infused with live resin terpenes and cannabis oil and then coated in kief to elevate flavor and potency. Unlike other pre-rolls, Mitten Extracts infused pre-rolls come equipped with ceramic tip cones that make them sturdier to puff, puff, pass, and cleaner in flavor. 

Now, let’s continue with our full Mitten Extracts review with our list of the top 6 favorite infused pre-rolls to try from the brand. 

Top 6 Mitten Extracts Near Me – Infused Pre-Rolls 

Grab a jar of mini infused pre-rolls from Mitten Extracts near you and take them wherever you need them the most. Need help selecting which ones to start with first? Here’s our BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 Mitten Extracts infused pre-rolls in Metro Detroit. 

Peach Cobbler

We had to select Mitten Extracts infused pre rolls in Peach Cobbler for its craveworthy flavors alone! These mini joints are rich in sweet peach flavors and have the undertones of a freshly baked pastry you won’t want to put down. As for effects, the strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a calming buzz for the body and mind, improving the mood while increasing clarity and focus. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato 

Lemon Cherry Gelato by Mitten Extracts is like summer in a puff! The joint offers refreshing and zesty citrus notes that end in the sweet and tangy flavor of cherry and have a hint of smooth creaminess (hence the gelato!) tying it altogether. This is a perfect all-day, go-to, for its well-balanced hybrid high that offers relaxing vibes for stress with a euphoric and uplifting edge. 

Maui Pineapple

Another choice that’s sure to whisk you off to vacay-like moods is Mitten Extracts infused pre-rolls in Maui Pineapple. These joints burst with vibrant, fruity, and sweet pineapple flavors and offer equally bright effects. The sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for daytime energy and offers a buzz that stimulates creativity while supporting mental clarity. 

Strawberry Cough

Speaking of sativas, one of the most notable is another one of our fav’s – Strawberry Cough. Mitten Extracts has captured the sweet and berry flavors of the strain perfectly with this extra potent infused version. After lighting up you’re treated to exhilarating effects that are uplifting and euphoric, ideal for those seeking an energizing experience. 

White Runtz 

If you have a total sweet tooth, then White Runtz by Mitten Extracts is a must-try. This extra flavorful version is robust in the strain’s iconic blend of sweet, fruity, and candy-like flavors and aromas. In fact, you’ll get a whiff just by opening the jar! This equally balanced hybrid is perfect for day or night seshes and offers consumers uplifting and calming effects, both mentally and physically. 


Last but not least, and another fruit-fueled strain, we can’t get enough of the Mitten Extracts infused pre-rolls in the Gushers strain. The flavor is mouthwatering, to say the least, and will offer a hint of nostalgia from that favorite fruit snack treat you’d just hope was in your lunchbox as a kid! Upon sparking, you’ll enjoy the tantalizing taste of the strain’s sweet and fruity essence, and then enjoy the strain’s equally tantalizing effects that’ll comfort common aches and pains, and uplift the mood. 

Mitten Extracts Near Me at BREEZE


Now that you’ve read our complete Mitten Extracts review, we bet you’re wondering, “Where can I find Mitten Extracts near me?”. From nationally known brands to those named after the state we all love, we carry it all at BREEZE. Including this list of Mitten Extracts infused pre-rolls, Mitten Extracts gummies, Mitten Extracts disposable vapes, and more. 

Shop BREEZE online for delivery or pick-up, or stop by our cannabis retail store to get help from our friendly canna specialists! First time BREEZE visitor? Be sure to sign up for Club BREEZE, our rewards program that turns every purchase into points for future discounts and cash back!

Stay tuned for more cannabis brand reviews, and make BREEZE your one-stop-shop for all things weed. 

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