The Best Rosin in Michigan: Our Top 7 Detroit Rosins to Try!

As the weed world evolves, so do the products that come from the extraction process. Recently, consumers have made a shift towards one product category specifically—that being, clean, solvent-free concentrates. Rosin and live rosin are quickly growing in popularity as the Michigan cannabis community realizes – it’s the freshest, cleanest type of extract from the plant they love. 

So, if you’re in Metro Detroit, what are some of the best rosins in Michigan to try first? You know, we’ve got the list for you here at BREEZE. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between rosin and resin and our team’s picks for the best Michigan rosin to buy near you! 

The Resin vs Rosin Difference 


First and foremost, what’s the difference between resin and rosin? It all comes down to the extraction process that’s used to extract the oil from the cannabis flower. For resin, solvent-based extraction methods are used, where butane, propane, or ethanol are used to agitate and separate the oil from the plant material. 

Even though these solvents are purged in the process, due to the harmful nature of the materials used, many who are opting for “organic” lifestyles are now seeking out solventless concentrates instead. That’s where Rosin enters the conversation. Rosin is made without the use of solvents, instead applying varying temperatures and pressures to extract the precious oil from the cannabis plant. 

The end-result is typically the cleanest, freshest expression of the strains you love the most, in concentrated form. Ready to take a walk on the “clean” side of weed? Let’s get into some of our picks for some of the best rosin in Michigan. 

Our Top 7 Picks for Rosin in Metro Detroit 

Without further ado, here’s the BREEZE team’s most recommended picks for the best Michigan rosin to try in Metro Detroit! 

Dazed Extracts – GMO Hash Rosin

GMO a.k.a. GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies, is a must-try for its unique taste alone! Dazed Extracts offers this GMO Hash Rosin to enjoy the spicy and savory flavors of the beloved strain at its purest. The indica dominant concentrate is best reserved for nighttime and will have you feeling uplifted and buzzed before entering a highly relaxed and almost sedative state. 

Element – Live Rosin Purple Ice Water

Our next pick comes from the extract brand Element and their rosin edition of the strain Purple Ice Water. Unlike GMO, this is a perfect choice for daytime use with sativa-dominant effects. The rosin is ultra alluring with a sweet and fruity blueberry and grape flavor. As for effects, expect to feel euphoric and energized, with a boost to your focus. 

Hyman – Hash Rosin Fresh Runtz 

Runtz is a popular strain for good reason, and Hyman takes it up a notch with their “Fresh” Runtz Hash Rosin. The legendary cross between Zkittlez and Gelato #33 offers consumers a taste of summer year-round, with refreshingly smooth tropical flavors that have a hint of earthiness. The well-balanced hybrid is a go-to of ours for day or night and will leave you feeling calm, uplifted, and giddy. 

Society C – Hash Rosin Badder White Truffle 

Another indica-dominant choice is one of our favorites from Society C and their Hash Rosin Badder in White Truffle. The hybrid comes from the Gorilla Butter lineage and offers a fast head high that’ll have your mind free of worries in no time. Like its name suggests, the rosin has a savory aroma that has hints of skunk and an underlying earthy profile. 

Eastside Alchemy x Matty B Stackers – Live Rosin Cadillac Rainbows

Eastside Alchemy has teamed up with cultivator connoisseur Matty B. Stackers for this Cadillac Rainbows Live Rosin collab. We love Cadillac Rainbows for its fruity profile of lemon and cherry, that has hints of diesel and invigorating mint. But be aware, as this smooth rosin can cause a mad case of the munchies while providing a well-balanced, uplifting hybrid buzz. 

Strait Fire – Live Rosin Mother’s Milk 

If you’re looking for another sativa dominant option for your rosin, look no further than Strait Fire’s Live Rosin in Mother’s Milk. This rare strain offers a long-lasting buzz that washes your body with complete relaxation and provides an uplifting euphoria. As for flavor, you guessed it – Mother’s Milk has a creamy sweet lemon taste that has natural woody hints. 

Peachy Hash & Co – Live Rosin Wedding Pie 

Peachy Hash & Co. has become widely known for their pure, clean rosin, and Wedding Pie is definitely one of our favorites! A cross of Wedding Cake x Grape Pie, this fruity and sweet rosin will ignite your taste buds as it calms your body and mind. Its complex profile has underlying tastes of lemon and classic diesel and is best saved for nighttime use due to its indica-leaning effects.  

Finding the Best Selection at BREEZE 

No matter what you’re searching for—the best rosin in Michigan, the best prerolls in Metro Detroit, or even deli-style flowers—we’ve got you at BREEZE! It’s our mission to make plant wellness routines a “breeze” for the Metro Detroit cannabis community by offering the widest selection of quality products at prices for every budget. 


Make BREEZE your neighborhood cannabis retail store for all things weed. Shop conveniently online for pick-up or delivery, or stop by to meet our friendly canna-specialists. But don’t forget – sign up for Club BREEZE before you shop to earn points for rewards with every purchase. 


Now go on – start browsing all of the solventless Michigan rosin BREEZE has in stock and pick up a few of our favorites to start! 

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