Where to Find Humblebee Live Resin & 5 Strains to Try First!

humblebee live resin

You could say that the streets are buzzing with positive things to say about the Humbleebee live resin’s buzz. Humblebee concentrates are quickly becoming some of the most popular dabbable products here in Metro Detroit, and for good reason. The brand carefully extracts each batch for the highest-quality end product. In addition, Humblee offers a wide variety of popular strains in a single-source fashion. 

Affordably priced, we love Humblebee live resin as a go-to concentrate. So, what exactly is live resin, and which Humblebee live resin should you try first? Keep reading for our ultimate guide and picks for the top 5 Humblebee concentrates to add to your must-buy list! 

What is Live Resin? 

Before we get into our list, let’s cover the actual definition of “live resin”. The term “live” is used with cannabis concentrates when the flower that’s being extracted is frozen immediately upon harvesting. Doing so is said to retain the plant at its height or peak of freshness and avoid the natural degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes during the curing process that’s required for inhaling flower. 

Hence the reason why live resin products are most often a specific strain, or what the industry calls “single source”. When it comes to resin vs. rosin, resin is the end product of solvent-based extraction methods, while rosin is the end product of solventless extraction methods. 

With that knowledge under your belt, let’s get into the good stuff and our BREEZE team’s picks for the top 5 Humblebee Live Resins to try. 


Top 5 Humblebee Live Resins  

When it comes to Humblebee Live Resin, we love them all. But here are our top 5 favorites that we love recommending the most! 

Purple Punch 

You can’t go wrong with purps, in concentrate or flower form, and Purple Punch Humblebee live resin proves just that. Each hit or dab bursts with robust fruity flavors, reminiscent of grape soda or sweet blueberry muffins. Speaking of sweets and desserts, reserve this Humblebee concentrate for nighttime as it’s a powerful indica-dominant, and the concentrated version is obviously quite potent. 

Duct Tape 

What can you expect from Humblebee’s live resin in Duct Tape? It’s a nearly equal indica to sativa hybrid as a cross of two of our favorite classics: Original Glue (like Gorilla Glue!) and Do-si-dos. The exotic genetic offers funky and fresh flavors of diesel, spicy pepper, and skunky undertones and is known for being potent in THC and CBG. Its well-balanced hybrid effects, which are popular with medical users, can both uplift the mood and calm the body. 

Cereal Milk 

Cereal Milk is a Cookies descendant, meaning you can expect a soothingly sweet flavor and effects. This Humblebee live resin hits you fast with creamy, milky flavors that have a hint of fruit and mellow out the mood almost immediately. The well-balanced hybrid uplifts the mood with its elevated euphoria and can even give a boost to your creativity and focus. 

Champagne Patties

If you love rare genetics, you’ll need to try Humblebee live resin in Champagne Patties! This strain and concentrate are rich in a strawberry flavor that has an invigorating hint of champagne and savory undertones (it’s a cross of Double Burger, hence the “patties”). The uplifting strain is one of our favorites for pre-gamining social events and will leave you feeling light, chatty, and in a total state of bliss.

Dr Who

The Humblebee Live Resin in Dr. Who is equally fruity and creamy, as well as indica and sativa, making it a go-to for all-day, flavor-packed dabs. It’s said to deliver superhero-like effects, that’ll heighten your focus and make you feel in total control. All the while, in a better mood, with its calming and relaxing buzz that combats everyday stresses, aches, and pains. 


Find Humblebee Live Resin in Metro Detroit at BREEZE 

The key to making your cannabis wellness routines that much easier? Finding a go-to neighborhood cannabis retail store that offers a wide variety of products and budget points. Meet BREEZE, conveniently located in Hazel Park, with online ordering for pick-up or delivery. Simply shop our entire menu online, place an order, or stop in to finish the sale with our friendly canna experts. 

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