The Top 6 Sauce Essentials Live Resin Disposables to Try Near You

There’s no such thing as too much sauce when it comes to Sauce Essentials live resin disposable vapes. The signature slim “Sauce Bar” vapes are synonymous with top-shelf vaping on the go and are available across the US in five different states. Available in a variety of strains, it can be difficult to choose which […]

Where to Buy Dream Edibles in Metro Detroit: Our Top 5 Favorites!

Life is but a dream… when you have Dream Edibles to enjoy. The hand-crafted THC infused caramels are made for gourmet tastes and happily serve the foodie and connoisseur sides of the cannabis community. So what do you need to know about the dreamy line of caramels that come from a notorious and native Michigan […]

The Top 5 Best Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposables to Try in Metro Detroit

It’s not just the name we love, but the sweet, pure convenience of Breeze Canna, now even more pure than ever before. Today, Breeze has successfully transitioned from traditional vapes to the Canna-verse and is now launching their own live resin collection too! So, what’s the big difference between Breeze Classic and Live Resin? We’re […]

The Top 5 Best LOCO Infused Pre-Rolls to Try in Metro Detroit

Infused pre-rolls are the latest and greatest cannabis trend that’s helping consumers reach all new heights. That’s because the pre-roll cones are infused with highly potent cannabis concentrates. Of course, not all infused pre-rolls in Metro Detroit can be treated equally. From the type of flower to the type of extract, even the type of […]

The Top 5 Hash Rosin Disposable Vapes to Try In Metro Detroit!

hash rosin disposable vape

From distillate to live resin and now hash rosin, there’s now a wide range of vape carts and disposable vapes for consumers to choose from. But without knowing what makes each one unique, how can you decide which is best for you? The latest type of vape cart to increase in popularity among the Michigan […]

The Top 5 Monster Xtracts Vape Carts Near You: Find At Breeze!

Monster Xtracts vape

One of the OGs of the vape scene is Monster Xtracts, with their highly versatile (and recognizable) line of cannabis vape carts. Today, the brand has expanded even further with a fresh variety of Monster Xtracts vapes, Monster Xtracts Dart Pods, and even Monster Medibles. Over the years, Monster Xtracts vapes have become a reliable, […]

Our Favorite 5 Live Resin Gummy Flavors from The 8th by White Boy Rick

Cannabis edibles have certainly evolved over the years. First, there were homemade brownies. Then, the legal market brought us a variety of gummies and treats. Today, there are more edible options than ever before – even with varying dosages, infusion types, flavors, consistencies, and beyond.    One of the fastest rising trends in the edibles […]

Detroit Infused Pre-Rolls – The Top 5 To Try First!

Like everything in the cannabis industry, pre-rolls are continually evolving. From king-size, to mini-size, to single packs, to multi-packs…  Now even infused versions have hit the shelves. At Breeze, we get it. It can be hard for the average consumer to keep up with all the trends. That’s why we’re continually educating our customers to […]

The Top 5 8th by White Boy Rick Flower Strains to Try at Breeze!

the 8th by white boy rick

White Boy Rick. A legend once known only by native Metro Detroiters. Now, the story is known across the globe thanks to the 2017 feature film, White Boy. Regardless of how you know him, it’s time to get to know what he’s up to now – legal weed.  Today, White Boy Rick is using his […]

Butter Cannabis Near You – Our Top 4 Favorite Strains To Try

Butter, the cannabis brand, is quite literally smooth like butter. From its strain selections, to packaging, to the way its flower and pre-rolls smoke…just, smooth as smooth could be! Even its mission is smooth, as the cultivators set out to produce better weed, for a “butter” world.    Or, as the brand explains more in-depth, […]

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